About us

Discover the Essence of Villa Armelina: Our Story and Vision

Unveiling the Unforgettable Experience of Villa Armelina

The knowledge through our training in the field of tourism, together with our previous economic studies, gave us the motivation to create this accommodation, with the aim of offering you an excellent and pleasant stay. Additionally, as travelers around the world for many years, my husband and I carry with us international influences and experiences which helped us shape our values ​​in the hospitality industry, guiding us to ensure a classy holiday experience for all our treasured guests.

We have always been extremely passionate about creating the perfect luxury experience. We draw from our travel knowledge from around the world, prioritising the needs of our guests at every stage of their trip, from booking to check-in and beyond. With a life of local knowledge combined with our enthusiasm to plan your most enjoyable holiday, we have created a private paradise in one of the most beautiful locations on earth. It is your dream holiday and we are always on hand to make it a reality.